Many of the books that I collect are children’s books and school activity books from the fifties and sixties.   I love the illustrations and print of those old days.  Here are some of those pages pieced together for a new collage.



I can’t seem to get enough of birds these days.  I love it  when I’m sitting by the window and see the cardinals eating the dried seed heads in the garden, or hear the nightingales singing in the trees.  A few times this summer, when I was awake in the middle of the night, I’d hear one lone nightingale off somewhere in the dark singing its beautiful song.  Lovely.  I guess I’ve gotten to that age where these simple things make me smile.  Along those lines, I offer this collage.


FlwrBsktPrintFinally back at work on some new collages.  This is a digital piece, all done on the computer, using much of the old books pages, letters and images I’ve been collecting and scanning.  The flower basket is a black and white image that I hand colored.  Hope you like it!   Oh, and I’m having some blank notecards made with this design, as well as an 8″ x 10″ print ready for framing – they’ll be available for sale soon.



I must say, I’ve never seen red morning glories!  The blue is one of my favorite flowers.   Each year, at the end of the summer, I like to collect and save the seeds to use the next year in planters near the back door and for the garden just outside the sun room window.  Although, this year it looks like they’ve taken care of themselves and self-seeded in the garden.  Morning Glories are easy to grow and are so beautiful climbing up a trellis.

This collage was pieced together and scanned into the computer, then I digitally added the scanned morning glory image.  That came from a set of “Flower Power” cards I got at a flea market.  The set of cards is pretty interesting, with ancient herbal remedies written on the back of each.  I’m going to use some of these for a set of notecards that I’ll post as soon as they’re complete.

Enjoy the weekend!