Some ART To Start

No. 1

I made collage No. 1 using a photo of my dad and his brother when they were kids.  No. 2: I found I had lots of bits and pieces left from other projects, so I just started assembling them onto a canvas panel until I liked the way it looked. A bit of oil pastel and paint and a photo image of the two little girls finished it off.       No. 3: This collage was done digitally for a card.  That one was fun, just trying different brushes and images. I don’t always have lots of time (or energy!) for art after work, so when I can experiment for an hour or two it’s great.  It’s funny how some days I’m so inspired that I can’t stop working and other days I just can’t seem to accomplish a thing no matter what I try.  Such is the creative life, I guess.

No. 2
No. 3
No. 4

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