I’ve been traveling with my daughter across the country, our destination Portland, Oregon. She will be living in the city, I will be returning to New York. We took a cross-country road trip together once before, through the southern and southwestern states when she was eighteen. That was a completely different trip. We both have changed some in twelve years. Our first stop was in Pennsylvania to see her old college hangouts and have a quick lunch. We pressed on from there, driving ten-hour days to get to South Dakota. We were looking forward to going to The Badlands, which we reached on our third day. What a spectacular sight! The sun was so blazing hot at 5:30 in the afternoon-hard to imagine what it must have been like for early travelers first passing through. We spent the night in Rapid City, then viewed Mount Rushmore the next morning. Here we are in front of the monument.Mount RushmoreWe  bought some postcards and headed out through Custer, SD, past the Crazy Horse carving and were immediately halted by road work up on a mountain road through the Black Hills. To be continued…



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