It has been way too long since I’ve stepped foot in my art room.  I have been working in my sketchbooks, but just haven’t been able to do anything more concrete.  I know there are those who would say sketching is productive, and it surely is. And I have been creative in other ways-cooking, gardening, photographing, crocheting a couple of hats and scarves and pin-y sort of things.

One reason I’ve avoided the art room is the mess it’s become and my lack of desire to straighten it up.  It’s just the way I work-I’m not neat.  Once I did a bit of tidying up, I was more inspired to do some painting and collage.  Heaven knows I have enough art supplies, old books, little scraps and ephemera to keep me busy forever!  Here’s a glimpse of different areas of the room and the drawers of STUFF I like to use in collage.


The piece below was actually done awhile ago, but I rediscovered it when I went through my folders.  What other surprises are hidden in here?

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