I’ve just spent the first few days of the new year “cleaning” and trying to organize things in my art room. (Again!)  It’s great going through bins and drawers and shelves and rediscovering things I’d forgotten about.  But I’ve decided that this is the year I am going to have to weed out some of my supplies!  I have collected so many odds and ends – cabinet cards, atlases, maps, dictionaries, wallpaper books, songbooks, letters, postcards, stamps, fabric, paper, paper, paper – with the intention of using it in my collage work, but there is just no way I could possibly use all I have in a lifetime.  I have so many old books that I could never bear to rip apart, so I would scan the pages I wanted to use.  Not quite the same feel, though, as the real aged paper. So rip old books I will!  (Nothing valuable, of course).  And I will use the ephemera I’ve collected and hoarded. Enough of holding onto things!

This is a quick little assemblage I made with some of the scraps I came across.


2 thoughts on “A NEW YEAR

  1. thefearlessartist January 6, 2015 / 7:19 pm

    Very lovely art piece! I’ve collected quite a bit, too, and your post has inspired me to weed out and use things up. Thanks for sharing.

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