I just finished some lettering work for a friend whose daughter is getting married soon, first addressing the wedding invitation envelopes, then  hand-lettering the place cards for the reception.  These are some of the samples I showed the bride-to-be for the envelopes.  She liked a more traditional style and chose the first example below.




The table seating cards for the reception were done in a freer, lighter style.  I felt the line of a fountain pen was too heavy for the 3.75″ by 1.5″ cards, so used a dip pen and black ink for a thinner, more delicate line.


The ruler and pencil were out because I sometimes make a faint pencil line as a guide to keep things straight, but didn’t really need to do that this time because of the flowing style of the lettering.   Over one hundred twenty cards were done.  Not all at once, mind you – I had my back and cramping hand to think of!



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