This week’s challenge asks What does angular mean to you?  Well, my first thought went to the bridge going to Robert Moses State Park on Fire Island.  I’ve taken many photographs of the bridge and from the bridge, so this was an obvious choice.


I also had a picture I took from our high school, a kind of stairway to heaven. Playing with it a bit in Photoshop, making the building black and white, helps to accentuate the angles.





In this week’s challenge, show us your minimalist photos.  Minimalist photography is characterized by a large portion of negative space, a fairly monochromatic color palette with good contrast, and an interesting subject that is able to stand on its own to capture the interest of the viewer.

I took this photo from inside the house looking out.  The window shade was drawn and the silhouette of the sweet pea vine that was growing outside caught my eye.  This is a negative of that photograph, which I thought would make the image more graphic.


For this week’s Photo Challenge, the task is to “stimulate your creative process and imagine which of your images you would like to see gracing the cover of a book, an album, or a magazine.”  With memories of our cross-country trip still fresh in my mind, I decided to make a mix tape of road songs using a photograph I took of the long stretch of road ahead.

Cover Art


It has been way too long since I’ve stepped foot in my art room.  I have been working in my sketchbooks, but just haven’t been able to do anything more concrete.  I know there are those who would say sketching is productive, and it surely is. And I have been creative in other ways-cooking, gardening, photographing, crocheting a couple of hats and scarves and pin-y sort of things.

One reason I’ve avoided the art room is the mess it’s become and my lack of desire to straighten it up.  It’s just the way I work-I’m not neat.  Once I did a bit of tidying up, I was more inspired to do some painting and collage.  Heaven knows I have enough art supplies, old books, little scraps and ephemera to keep me busy forever!  Here’s a glimpse of different areas of the room and the drawers of STUFF I like to use in collage.


The piece below was actually done awhile ago, but I rediscovered it when I went through my folders.  What other surprises are hidden in here?

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