It probably appeared as though I had vanished from the blogging world, and I will just say that I was distracted by other things.  Namely, knitting.  It’s become my new obsession.  But I want to get back to drawing, collaging and painting, so I thought the best way to keep myself on track was to reboot my blog.  I’m going to try.

I did this gelli-printed piece to give an artist friend.  We’re always talking about all the supplies and messes we have in our workrooms and this sentiment is perfect!



Always Believe PAPERWEIGHT

I’ve been working on some paperweights.  I think they make such beautiful and unique gifts.  This is the most recent, but I’ll also post some that I did awhile ago.  I used the same “sprigs” design I painted for some note cards and the lettering was done on the computer.  I love the quote and think it’s a good way to live life, cause you never know.  Be happy!