Looking out my kitchen window, I saw a little sparrow in my forsythia hedge eating the flowers off the branches. I’ve been enjoying the birds in my yard for a long time now, but I had never noticed that’s what the sparrows were doing before! I couldn’t resist doing a quick little watercolor sketch of that little guy with a mouthful.



I’m putting some new cards in my etsy shop this week.  They are blank inside, so they can be used to write a note, or as an any-occasion card, really.   The floral card is printed on linen card stock from a watercolor I did and the gentleman card was done as a digital collage, then printed on smooth matte white card stock.  My cards always include envelopes, too!

Prims         justpretend




After working on some collage pieces, I had a section of a transparency left over – the top of a woman’s head.  I pasted it to a piece of watercolor paper then painted in a face to complete the head.  The word “vernis” was stamped on using an old metal French stamp I had gotten at a flea market.  Just a silly, but fun, exercise.