imageAs I was heading to the supermarket on Sunday morning, I had a sudden thought to take a drive over to the beach.  I needed some fresh air and a walk seemed like a good idea.  It was cold, sunny and so still.  Really quite nice.  I headed out toward the lighthouse with my camera and took some shots of the dunes and the boardwalk that leads to the lighthouse.  The beach dunes just glistened from the bright morning sun.


Correctly Dressed Ladies


Wow! where does the time go?  I’ll use Hurricane Sandy and a week without power as part of my excuse for being away for so long, but other than that… what can I say? We were so fortunate to just be inconvenienced for seven days with no electric and heat.  I’m now working on Christmas cards and decorations, and some gift items, so look for coming attractions in the SHOP soon.  It’s busy time!