This is a silly one.  I made an envelope from this leftover piece of red and white card stock, and then thought I needed to make a card that would coordinate.  I played around with other small pieces of scraps, but didn’t really like the look of abstract shapes I was getting.  Then I thought this would make a great dress fabric, so I cut a neckline, glued the scrap to the card and drew in this woman with a micron pen.  Added a little light watercolor for skin tone and cheeks.  It’s a bit rough, but I like it, and now I have a card to send someone!


One thought on “PAPER SCRAPS

  1. kleonardillustration March 25, 2014 / 5:15 am

    I think this is really lovely jane 😀 just goes to show how creative you can be with any bits of paper collage that you can find ( it also beats throwing them away!). I remember in college I would order packages from across the world and save the stamps for collage and what not so its pretty cool reusing what you have and turning them into something creative and new :). Kate x

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