I do have something to show for all the time I haven’t been blogging. It just isn’t easy for me to get on the computer and start writing. It looks like I left off with the Anne Brooke Tag Challenge a year ago, and at times, that certainly was a challenge. But I got a lot out of it and really enjoyed slow stitching. Since then, I’ve done other challenges for fun, travelled a bit, continued knitting and I’m always enjoying time with friends and my expanding family.

I think I’ll work backwards, beginning with the most recent pieces. I can’t seem to get enough of collaging, making little books, journals, tags and such. Too bad I’m not a writer for all the journals I’ve accumulated! These are some of the tags I’ve been making from old book pages, vintage bits of ephemera, images from old garden catalogues and books, photographs, sheet music, labels. Pretty much anything that has to do with paper I will glue down.

Tags-Victorian Ladies
The little notebook on the left tucks into its own envelope

I’ll be back with more in the next few days.


Every now and then I try my hand at making journals and mini jotters and this time I made a sketchbook for myself from a used hardcover library book.  I watched some You Tube videos to learn how to do the coptic stitch. (The best was SeaLemonDIY.  She has a very clear and precise video tutorial)  I find that works better for me than trying to follow steps in a book. Need the visual.  It was a little tricky at first, but I took my time and once I finished, I liked the way it turned out.  I think I’ll make some more! These are some little jotters and journals I’ve been making too. I use the minis in my purse, my coat pockets, my car, so I can jot down a song I heard, or a quote I like, or to remind myself of things I have to do.  I need that a lot!